• Enhancing Lives One Step at a Time

  • Enhancing Lives One Step at a Time

  • Enhancing Lives One Step at a Time

Welcome to C-Bar Horsemanship Therapeutic Riding Center


About Us

C-Bar Horsemanship strives to make a significant difference in the lives of others one step at a time through educational and therapeutic horsemanship programs.

Our Programs

C-Bar has programs that are educational, therapeutic, and recreational for all ages.


C-Bar has a variety of opportunities for you to serve your local community.


  • "Like so many other veterans, I had a hard time adjusting to civilian life after my time in the Army. Participating in Horses for Heroes has been so fulfilling for me. I have struggled for many years to find something that helped me to feel whole and have a purpose again. The time that I spend at C-Bar helps me to have something that makes me feel needed. Because my time at C-Bar has been so strengthening to me, I participate in Horses for Heroes now to bring that opportunity to other veterans like myself as part of my fulfillment of the Spartan pledge."

    BryantArmy Veteran, Horses for Heroes
  • "My husband suffers from PTSD after his time in the military. Our time together has always been plagued by his doubts of self-worth because of the effects his PTSD has on his ability to interact with society. When he decided to try participating at C-Bar, I thought it would be at least a nice way to get him out of the house that might be low stress. I had no idea the difference that going to C-Bar would have not only on his life but on our family as well. He has a purpose and a place that he feels he can make a difference in others' lives. Our family spends time in the Horses for Heroes program because we want to see other veterans and their families get to have the same type of opportunity."

    NicholeSpouse of Veteran, Horses for Heroes
  • "I loved this class! I had a traumatic experience as a child that made me afraid of horses. I was hesitant to take the class, and originally it was for credit for school, but when I went through the class I came to love horses and respect the animals along with the people who work with them. I absolutely loved being a part of the experience there at C-Bar! I plan on returning to help out and even to just visit!"

    RachaelCollege Student, Principles of Horsemanship @ OBU
  • "Taking the natural horsemanship class with C-Bar showed me what it means to have a meaningful relationship with horses and people. It taught me how to deal with real- life situations not only on a horse, but in everyday life. The natural horsemanship class was the most fun and one of the most beneficial classes I have taken in my life."

    Mereta MonsenCollege Student, Principles of Horsemanship @ OBU
  • "My students have grown so much through this experience. Charla makes certain that the program provides safe, professional, research-based activities and as educator I value this.  The social, cognitive and emotional improvement of my students has been amazing.  C-Bar-Ranch is truly a blessing!"

    Suzanne BrownSpecial Education Teacher, Therapeutic Programs
  • "C-Bar Horsemanship has given me an outlet to better my community as well as myself. It gives me the opportunity to help others learn the fundamentals of education. However, it also has greatly expanded my equine knowledge. This program is therapy for the client, but I argue that it is also therapy for all who are involved. I gladly volunteer because it is a type of therapy for me to work with such large animals. The most rewarding thing about volunteering with C-Bar is knowing that I am making a difference in not only my life, but in the lives of the clients as well as the horses. Horses have stories just like people. Horses are abused and treated badly; therefore, as a horse leader my job is to gain their trust and keep them as well as my team safe during and outside of class time. This program has taught me leadership skills, horsemanship skills, and attentiveness. I admire and respect this program and all that it does. I am thankful to have been able to be a small part of the program for the past four years."

    Kari CallahanVolunteer
  • "The volunteer program has given me a fantastic opportunity to give to my new community while I was a full-time student. It gives me such a great pleasure to show up to C-Bar and help with these kids. You are touched by many and in return get to impact others as well. The C-Bar volunteer program has given me a drive to serve more and more every day and always puts joy in my heart."

    Casey Nicole SmithVolunteer
  • "The volunteer program at C-Bar has greatly increased my admiration of horses and therapeutic riding. I have learned skills not only in handling horses but also in how to interact safely with horses carrying disabled riders. It has provided me with practical and enjoyable volunteering experience that not only looks good on a resume but also provides a wonderful fellowship and an opportunity to learn and make a difference in the lives of others!"

    Clay SmithVolunteer
  • "What being an Instructor-In-Training at C-Bar means to me is that I get to work with horses on a daily basis and am able to become a better rider. It also allows me to see the smile on the students' faces once they get on the back of a horse. I have also made lifelong friendships while working at C-Bar, and I couldn't ask for a better way to start out each day."

    Kelsey MontgomeryInstructor-in-Training

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Partners

Latest News and Upcoming Events

Proper attire includes long pants for mounted activities and secure, closed-toe and closed-heel shoes or boots for all activities around horses. Students and volunteers should wear long pants and ideally boots designed for riding (not hiking) with a low heel. Sneakers are permissible; however, they should not have thick and heavy tread, and the laces tied securely so that the sneaker does not slip off. We require ALL riders to wear an ASTM-approved safety helmet during mounted activities. While at C-Bar you may borrow one of ours which is routinely cleaned and inspected. For more information and considerations, please visit the FAQ page.

We recruit and train individuals that have an eye for safety, a teachable spirit, a professional attitude, and a desire to serve others. C-Bar Horsemanship will provide training that complements your skill level. To become a C-Bar Horsemanship volunteer, send us a message to ask for more information.
We welcome your school, church, organization, youth group, etc., that wants to make a difference in our community. You may contact us with your request. Check out our media gallery to view the groups and projects from this past year and the fun they had in serving! With regards to community service for court-appointed offenses, please contact us with your request.


For our C-Bar Horsemanship Therapeutic Horsemanship classes, we have a scholarship program as funds are available. You may contact us for more information on the scholarship program.

Looking for more information? Visit our FAQ page.

Our Certifications

C-Bar is certified by both the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, Int'l) and the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). In all of the services we offer, C-Bar adheres to the core values of PATH, Int'l of:

  • access and inclusion
  • compassion and caring
  • cooperation and collaberation
  • education
  • excellence
  • innovation
  • integrity and accountability
  • professionalism
  • service
  • holism


We pair those core values of PATH, Int'l with the commitment of CHA "to promote excellence in safety and education" in order to provide the opportunity for our participants to glean the greatest benefit and experience from our educational and therapeutic services.